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Figure 8

From: Nodal signaling is required for closure of the anterior neural tube in zebrafish

Figure 8

Taram-A* expression results in recovery of mesendoderm and neural tube closure in MZ oep mutants. Embryos were co-injected with Taram-A* and mGFP mRNA into one blastomere at the 16 cell stage, raised until 24 hpf, and imaged (A-C') live by (A-C) bright field and (A'-C') fluorescent microscopy, and then (D-H") fixed and processed for whole mount in situ hybridization with otx5 to mark the pineal, ctsl1b to mark the hatching glands (hg), and col2a1a to mark the notochord (nc). Panels with the same letter are different views of the same embryo. In addition, the embryos shown in the A, B, and C rows are the same embryos as in the D, F, and G rows, as indicated by the black arrows. (A'-C') Green arrows indicate fluorescence in the anterior mesendoderm, green arrowheads fluorescence in the notochord. (D-H) Closed arrowheads indicate the pineal organ, and open arrowheads the notochord. Whether an embryo is positive (+) or negative (-) for notochord staining is indicated. (D'-H') Open arrowheads point to hatching gland cells, and whether the embryo is positive or negative for these cells is indicated as in D-H'. (D"-H") Closed arrowheads point to the regions of pineal precursors, and the morphology of the pineal anlage is noted. (A-H') Sagittal views with anterior to the left. (D"-H") Dorsal views of the back of the head. Scale bars: 100 μm (A-H), 50 μm (D'-H").

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