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Figure 4

From: Nodal signaling is required for closure of the anterior neural tube in zebrafish

Figure 4

The expanded and divided pineal phenotype is present in n-cad mutants and morphants. (A-C) Homozygous pac mutants were fixed at 30 hpf, and then processed for in situ hybridization with an antisense probe for otx5. Dorsal views with anterior to the top. pac mutants could have a (A) normal, round-shaped pineal morphology, (B) an elongated pineal anlage or (C) a divided pineal. (D-G) Embryos were injected at the one to four cell stage, fixed at 74 hpf, and then assayed for expression of otx5. Frontal views with dorsal to the top. The presumptive pineal organ (arrowheads) forms (D) a single domain in control embryos and a (E-G) divided pineal in embryos depleted in N-cad through morpholino (MO) injections. Scale bars: 30 μm (A-C), 100 μm (D-G).

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