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Figure 2

From: Nodal signaling is required for closure of the anterior neural tube in zebrafish

Figure 2

Elongated and divided phenotypes in squint mutants persist through the first three days of development. The morphology of the pineal was followed over time in individual sqt mutants and WT siblings carrying the flh:eGFP transgene, which expresses GFP throughout the pineal anlage during embryogenesis [21]. All sqt mutants used in this experiment had cyclopic eyes. (A-D) Composite bright field and fluorescent images at 2 dpf showing fluorescence in the pineal anlage of embryos having (A-B) normal, round-shaped pineal anlagen, and (C) elongated and (D) divided pineal anlagen. (E-H") Each row shows the pineal of an individual embryo over three days of development as assayed by fluorescence microscopy on a compound microscope. Note the similarity in the morphology of the pineal in (E-E") the WT embryo and (F-F") one of the sqt mutants. In contrast, the sqt mutants in G-G" and H-H" maintain their abnormal elongated and divided morphologies throughout the experiment. All images are dorsal views with anterior to top. Scale bars: 60 μm (A-D), 30 μm (E-H").

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