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Table 1 Mutant and morphants examined in the present study. Larval stages and number of specimens analysed are detailed in the table, together with a brief description of the overall phenotype and the morphology of the intraocular vasculature

From: Genetic determinants of hyaloid and retinal vasculature in zebrafish

MAGP1 MORPHANT Microfibril associated glycoprotein 1 3 dpf 15 Dilated brain and caudal vessels. Irregular lumen of axial vasculature(Chen et al. 2006) Stagnated growth of hyaloid vasculature with less and thicker branches. Aggregation of vascular endothelial cells at the posterior lens
   5 dpf 15   
HS6ST2 MORPHANT heparan sulfate sulfotransferase 2 5 dpf 15 Over-lumenized vessels and defective branching in caudal vein plexus (Chen et al. 2005) Hyaloid vasculature with scarce and oversized branches that display an aberrant patterning.
Syn 2 MORPHANT Morphant of syndecan 2 5 dpf 6 Aberrant or absent sprouting in the intersegmental vessels (Chen et al. 2004) Sparse disorganized endothelial cells surrounding very small lens.
Sppl2b MORPHANT Signal peptide peptidase like protein 2b 5 dpf 10 Erythrocyte accumulation in an enlarged caudal vein (Krawitz et al. 2005) NO PHENOTYPE
Mab21l2 MORPHANT Male abnormal 21 like-2 protein 5 dpf 5 Microphthalmia. Apoptosis in the developing retina and lens (Kennedy et al. 2004) Thicker vessels that cover only posterior part of the lens.
obd VASCULAR MUTANT Plexin-D1 out of bounds 3 dpf 5 Mispatterning of the trunk intersegmental vessels (variable severity). ~10% of mutants die before 6 dpf (Childs et al. 2002; Torres-Vazquez et al. 2004) Mis-patterning of the hyaloid vessels (variable severity). Abnormal branching and extra interconnections obvious at 5 dpf. Atypical loops, tortuosity and increased number of vessels in the retinal vasculature of the adult.
   5 dpf 20   
   6 dpf 5   
   10 dpf 5   
   20 dpf 3   
   Adult 10   
ace VASCULAR MUTANT FGF8 Hypomorph acerebellar 5 dpf 5 General CNS abnormalities. Absence of vessels in the dorsal brain. Abnormal heart development (Reifers et al. 1998; Reifers et al. 2000) NO PHENOTYPE
arl LENS MUTANT Laminin alpha1 arrested lens 3 dpf 3 Abnormal eye development. Lens development halted at 24 hpf. Lack of any lens structure from 48 hpf. (Vihtelic et al. 2001; Vihtelic and Hyde 2002; Semina et al. 2006) Complete absence of hyaloid vessels in all stages analysed
   4 dpf 3   
   5 dpf 3   
   6 dpf 3   
mgf LENS MUTANT/Unknown margin affected 4 dpf 7 Abnormal eye development from 3 dpf. Very small lens (Unpublished) At 4 dpf rudimentary hyaloid vasculature (fewer vessels and branches) on lens. At 5 dpf complete absence of hyaloid vasculature on small lens
   5 dpf 8   
dsl LENS MUTANT/Unknown disrupted lens 5 dpf 5 Abnormal eye and lens development. (Vihtelic et al. 2001; Vihtelic and Hyde 2002) NO PHENOTYPE
   6 dpf 4   
   8 dpf 5   
fe LENS-VASCULAR MUTANT/Unknown fused eyes 3 dpf 7 Synophthalmia. Abnormal/absent intersegmental blood vessels. (Unpublished) No hyaloid vessels on the lens
plt LENS MUTANT/Unknown platinum 4 dpf 3 Defects in melanin pigmentation. Photoreceptor and RPE degeneration from 5 dpf. (Vihtelic et al. 2001; Vihtelic and Hyde 2002) Premature detachment of hyaloid vessels from the lens at 4 dpf. Less vessels and less patterning of the branches covering only posterior lens at 6 dpf.
   5 dpf 3   
   6 dpf 3   
lop LENS MUTANT/Unknown lens opaque 6 dpf 4 Lens opacity (Vihtelic et al. 2005) NO PHENOTYPE