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Figure 4

From: Developmental expression and differentiation-related neuron-specific splicing of metastasis suppressor 1(Mtss1) in normal and transformed cerebellar cells

Figure 4

Expression of Mtss1 exons 11–13 in human medulloblastomas and medulloblastoma derived cell lines. A: Lanes 1–5: classical medulloblatoma samples D1198, D1127, D1049, D1185 and D963, respectively; lanes 6–10: desmoplastic medulloblastoma samples D86, D978, D82, D1401, and D1062; lanes H1, H2: fetal human cerebellar samples R1626 and R1628. Lane C is a negative control. The band indicative of the splice variant containing exons 11/12a/12/13 is hardly visible in this reproduction. B: In DAOY (D) and D-283Med medulloblastoma cell lines, bands representing the splice variants 11/12/13 and 11/13 predominate. Note absence of the band indicative of the splice variant 11/12a/13, which should comigrate with the prominent band of sample 10 shown for comparison. Lane C is a negative control.

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