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Figure 2

From: CONDOR: a database resource of developmentally associated conserved non-coding elements

Figure 2

Chromosomal locations of developmental gene regions currently covered in CONDOR. Red outlined boxes represent regions across which CNEs are distributed, and are proportional to the size of the region. The reference trans-dev gene to which the region is associated is marked next to the box. In most cases this is the only trans-dev gene in the vicinity although in a number of cases CNEs are interspersed within clusters of related trans-dev genes (e.g. the HOXD cluster) or within clusters of unrelated trans-dev genes (e.g. the PAX1 region which contains the trans-dev genes PAX1, NKX2.2, NKX2.8 and FOXA2). CNE regions in CONDOR are found on all chromosomes except 21, 22 and Y. Figure created using Ensembl Karyoview [25].

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