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Figure 7

From: Comparative insights into questions of lepidopteran wing pattern homology

Figure 7

Timing of visualizations of antibodies targeting En, Dll, and Sal at wound centers and in scale-building cells surrounding wound centers after epidermal wounding. The age of the pupa when wounding was performed (cross symbol) is connected by an horizontal line to the age of the same pupa at the time the wing was extracted and fixed (diamond symbol), and stained with a particular antibody, Only wings where we observed some staining pattern are depicted in this figure. Data was condensed in the following way: more than one cross present on the same line represents observations in different individuals that were wounded at different times but whose wings were fixed at the same time after pupation. More than one diamond in the same line represent observations in different individuals that pupated at the same time and were fixed at different times. As explained in the text, the results for the wound centers (top part of the figure) may not represent real gene expression patterns, as non-specific antibodies were also shown to bind at these sites.

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