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Figure 5

From: Comparative insights into questions of lepidopteran wing pattern homology

Figure 5

Expression of pSmad, wg, Dll, en , and sal in Pieris rapae larval and pupal wings. (A-E) Late 5th instar larval discs (50×); (A) pSmad is present in the distal margin; (B) Wg is also present in the distal margin and throughout the wing; (C) Dll is expressed in the distal margin and in intervenous stripes between wing veins (arrowhead); (D) en is expressed in the posterior compartment as well as along two intervenous stripes in the wing compartments that later carry the black spots; (E) sal is expressed in the distal margin; (F) sal is expressed in scale-building cells in the future black spots at 25.5 h after pupation (arrowheads) (100×); (G) Pieris rapae adult forewing showing two black spots and a black wing tip; (H) and (I) Enlargement of patches of sal expression from (F) (100×); (J) Dll is still expressed in intervenous stripes leading from the distal margin at 25.5 h after pupation (arrowheads) (100×). (K) Sal is present in scale-building cells at the distal tip of the wing at 26 h after pupation (arrowheads mark boundary of sal expression) (100×).

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