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Figure 2

From: Comparative insights into questions of lepidopteran wing pattern homology

Figure 2

pSmad expression in Bicyclus anynana larval and pupal wings. (A, B) Joint visualization of pSmad (red) and En (green) in late 5th instar larval wing discs (50×); (A) pSmad is present along the margin but is absent in the future eyespot centers (arrowhead) where En (B) is visible; (C) pSmad and En (D) are present in the future eyespot centers, at 12 h after pupation. Note the patchiness of the pSamad staining outside of the focal area, perhaps indicating centers of epidermal cell growth (100×); (E) pSmad is no longer visible in the eyespot center (arrowhead) at 18 h after pupation, whereas en expression (F) extends to a ring pattern of scale-building cells surrounding the focus (200×).

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