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Figure 3

From: Induction of chondro-, osteo- and adipogenesis in embryonic stem cells by bone morphogenetic protein-2: Effect of cofactors on differentiating lineages

Figure 3

Quantification of chondrogenic yield by flow cytometry. (A, B) Genetically modified ES cells expressing GFP from the chondrocyte-specific aggrecan promotor. Green fluorescing chondrocytes appear as clusters of cells within the remaining cell population (A), but are also scattered in the entire population starting at day 28 of differentiation (B). (C) FACS analysis of ES-derived chondrocytes sorted by their GFP expression. Differentiation with BMP-2 only [2 ng/ml, d3–5] produced 7.26% GFP expressing cells compared to spontaneously differentiated controls, which contained very low levels of fluorescing cells (1.54%). Prolonged BMP-2 administration together with TGFβ1, ascorbic acid and insulin (supplement combination G, see table 1) raised chondrocyte outcome to 57.03%.

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