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Table 2 Comparison of microarray data to published experiments.

From: Regulation of signaling genes by TGFβ during entry into dauer diapause in C. elegans

Gene Method Published difference Fold change, this study P value
C27H5.5/col-36 RT-PCR L2d/dauer >> L2/L3a [64] 6.8 <0.008
C47G2.1/cut-1 Northern L2d/dauer >> L2/L3a [65] 5.7 <0.003
C08A9.1/sod-3 Northern present in dauer, absent in non-dauer [66] 7.8 <0.00001
T01B7.7/rol-6 Northern and slotblot L2/L3 >> L2d/dauera [61] -7.4 <0.00002
B0491.2/sqt-1 Northern and slotblot L2/L3 >> L2d/dauera [61] -7.0 <0.0002
T23G5.1/rnr-1 GFP fusion not seen at L2d/dauer molt, seen in cells in S phase at L2/L3 molt [67] -1.8 <0.05a
W01B6.7/col-2 Northern and slotblot L2d/dauer >> L2/L3a [61] 2.2 <0.02
T13B5.4/col-40 RT-PCR L2d/dauer >> L2/L3a [64] 1.1 <0.8
  1. a L2d/dauer refers to animals near the molt between these two larval stages; L2/L3 also refers to animals near the molt.
  2. b The P value for rnr-1 was calculated using only the local standard deviation because the global standard deviation was not available.