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Table 1 Significantly regulated early dauer genes in three TGFβ pathway mutants.

From: Regulation of signaling genes by TGFβ during entry into dauer diapause in C. elegans

Genotype Harvest stage Number of experiments # genes up-regulated p < 0.05a # genes down-regulated p < 0.05
daf-7 vs. wild type early dauer/L3 4 351 1069
daf-8 vs. wild type late L2d/L2 3 180 679
daf-14 vs. wild type late L2d/L2 3 552 1276
daf-c vs. wild typeb   10 2540 3076
  1. a Upregulated genes are expressed at a higher level in daf-c mutants than in wild type, and downregulated are the reverse.
  2. bThis row is not a summary of the rows above, rather, it is a reanalysis of the data with all ten experiments considered together.