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Figure 9

From: Craniofacial divergence by distinct prenatal growth patterns in Fgfr2 mutant mice

Figure 9

Relationship of suture patency patterns and craniofacial shape as estimated by PCA. (A) Distribution of all individuals along PC1 and PC2 following Figure 5A. (see Figure 5A and Methods for details of computing the PCA). (B) Distribution of individuals along PC1 and PC2 coded by the average patency of all facial sutures (coronal suture patency is not included in this average); (C-H) Distribution of individuals along PC1 and PC2 coded for patency of: zygomatic-maxillary suture (C); frontomaxillary suture (D); premaxillary-maxillary suture (E); inter-premaxillary suture (F); inter-maxillary suture (G); inter-palatine suture (H).

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