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Figure 7

From: Detection of differential fetal and adult expression of chloride intracellular channel 4 (CLIC4) protein by analysis of a green fluorescent protein knock-in mouse line

Figure 7

CLIC4 expression in spleen derived hematopoietic cells from 4 week old mice. WT and homozygous CLIC4-GFP spleen cells positive for specific markers were compared together in a histogram. The simultaneous comparison is performed to exclude potentially false positive green autoflourescence. Rightward shift of the cells from CLIC4-GFP spleen indicate GFP fluorescence. The horizontal gate on each panel shows the percentage of cells with GFP fluorescence obtained from respective positive cells gated in Additional file 2: Figure S2. The data reveal expression of CLIC4 in B cells (CD19), T cells (CD3), Helper T cells (CD4)*, cytotoxic T cells (CD8)*, NK cells (NK1.1), dendritic cells (CD11C), macrophages (F4/80) and monocytes (Ly6C). *presented as percentage of CD3 T cells.

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