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Figure 6

From: Detection of differential fetal and adult expression of chloride intracellular channel 4 (CLIC4) protein by analysis of a green fluorescent protein knock-in mouse line

Figure 6

CLIC4 staining in hematopoietic tissues of 4 week old mice. Panel A and B show staining with GFP antibody in homozygous CLIC4-GFP and WT spleen respectively. MZ stands for marginal zone rich in macrophages. Panels C and D show GFP staining of embryonic marrow from CLIC4-GFP and WT mice. CLIC4-GFP expressing hematopoietic precursor cells are evident in panel C. In addition, immunolabeled osteoblasts and osteoclasts were present around foci of endochondral ossification in E19.5 day embryo vertebrae (not shown). Scale bar for panel A and B correspond to 200 μm and for panels C and D to 100 μm.

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