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Figure 4

From: Mouse Tenm4 is required for mesoderm induction

Figure 4

E-cadherin, N-cadherin and Snai1 expression. E-cadherin is down-regulated in the primitive streak and mesoderm in wildtype embryos (B, white arrows), but not in Tenm4m1/m1 (C) or Tenm4m4/m4 (D). Note the formation of mesoderm in the m4 allele (white arrow), while E-cadherin fails to be down-regulated. N-cadherin is expressed in the visceral endoderm and the primitive streak in wildtype embryos (E); however, neither Tenm4m1/m1 nor Tenm4m4/m4 mutants show expression of N-cadherin (F and G). Snai1 is expressed in ectoplacental cone explants cultured from E6.5 wildtype (H) but not in those from Tenm4m4/m4 (I) embryos. Bar 50 μm (A-D), 100μm (E-G).

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