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Table 1 Neurectodermal expression of ac under different Dichaete mutant conditions at two different stages of CNS development

From: Identifying targets of the Sox domain protein Dichaete in the Drosophila CNS via targeted expression of dominant negative proteins

  Stage 9-10 Stage 11
Dichaete - Intermediate (8%) Medial up/extra (42%)
pros-GAL4; UAS-DichaeteΔHMG Intermediate (35%) Medial up/extra (25%)
pros-GAL4; UAS-DichaeteEnRep Medial down (50%) Medial down (ND)
pros-GAL4; UAS-mSox2ΔHMG Intermediate (20%) Medial up/extra (42%)
pros-GAL4; UAS-mSox2EnRep Medial down (45%) Medial down (ND)
  1. Intermediate = fraction of hemisegments expressing ac in the intermediate column. Medial down = fraction of hemisegments showing loss of ac expression in the medial column. Medial up/extra = fraction of hemisegments showing stronger ac expression or extra ac expressing cells in the medial column. In all cases n > 40 embryos. ND = not done.