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Figure 4

From: The lack of autophagy triggers precocious activation of Notch signaling during Drosophila oogenesis

Figure 4

Autophagy modulates Notch signaling in Drosophila FCs. Notch signaling activity in eggs containing ATG mutant FC clones was monitored using the downstream targets Cut and Hindsight (Hnt). (A) In HS-FLP induced FC clones mutant for Notch (marked by the lack of GFP, outlined in yellow), Cut is not downregulated post stage 6. In contrast, ATG1 (B) or ATG13 (C) mutant FCs show a precocious downregulation of Cut compared to WT cells. (D) Under normal conditions, the expression of Hnt is upregulated by Notch signaling, which is not accomplished in cells mutant for Notch (marked by the lack of GFP, outlined in yellow). In FC clones mutant for ATG1 (E) or ATG13 (F), Hnt upregulation occurs earlier or stronger than in surrounding WT cells. Anterior is to the left, posterior to the right. Scale bar: 20 μm. Genotypes: A, D: hs flp FRT19A-UbiGFP/N55e11FRT19A. B, E: hs flp/+; ATG1∆ 3DFRT80B/FRT80B-UbiGFP. C, F: hs flp/+; ATG13∆ 74FRT82/FRT82-UbiGFP.

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