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Figure 1

From: Protein interactions of the transcription factor Hoxa1

Figure 1

Validation of 45 out of the 59 interactions revealed for Hoxa1 by affinity co-purification on glutathione-agarose beads. Candidate interactors were fused with a GST-tag and co-expressed in transfected cells with a FLAG-Hoxa1 fusion protein. Western blots were run to detect FLAG-Hoxa1 from cell extracts before (Input) or after (Co-P) purification. The Hoxa1-Hoxa1 or PBX1A-Hoxa1 interactions were used as positive controls (see lanes with arrowheads). Negative control corresponds to transfected cells with the only FLAG-Hoxa1 fusion protein (C-, lanes with blue arrows). Some interactors which could not be confirmed by co-purification are also shown (red asterisks).

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