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Table 3 mRNA levels of Id1

From: Bone morphogenetic protein-2 functions as a negative regulator in the differentiation of myoblasts, but not as an inducer for the formations of cartilage and bone in mouse embryonic tongue

Vehicle- and BMP-2-treated tongues
Genes Vehicle Recombinant BMP-2 Significance
Id1 0.000517 ± 0.000133 0.00054 ± 0.000184 NS
NTC- and BMP-2 siRNA-treated tongues
  NTC BMP-2 siRNA  
Id1 0.000454 ± 0.000264 0.000381 ± 0.000149 NS
  1. The mean ± standard deviation of six vehicle-treated or six BMP-2-treated tongues for each gene is shown. The ratio of each target gene mRNA relative to GAPDH mRNA is shown.