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Figure 4

From: The Drosophila Netrin receptor frazzled/DCC functions as an invasive tumor suppressor

Figure 4

Somatic mutation of fra/DCC produces changes in adhesion, the cytoskeleton, and polarity. Mutant clones/cells are marked in green in all panels. E-cad (red) is not properly localized to the membrane in P35-rescued fra4mutant clone cells (antenna shown in A; orthogonal section of antennal clone shown in C1). E-cad is not altered by expression of P35 alone (antenna shown in B, orthogonal section through antennal clone shown in C2). Changes in the Actin cytoskeleton (red, D) are observed in a P35-rescued fra4mutant clone in the antennal disc (arrow). The region marked by the arrow in D is magnified in D3, and an apical up orthogonal section through the disc is shown in D2 (blue line in D marks location of section). Furthermore, P35-rescued fra4mutant cells display delocalization of the basolateral marker Dlg (red in antennal clones in F,G; apical up orthogonal section of region marked by blue line in G is shown in lower portion of panel). E-cad (red in B,C2), Actin (red in E), and Dlg (red in H) expression are normal in control clones expressing ectopic P35 alone, which are marked by GFP. P35-rescued fra4mutant cells were marked by GFP (A,D) or detected with a P35 antibody (green in F,G). Third instar discs are oriented anterior left and dorsal up in all panels. All fra mutant clones were generated with the eyFLP driver.

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