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Figure 1

From: An in vivo RNA interference screen identifies gene networks controlling Drosophila melanogasterblood cell homeostasis

Figure 1

An RNAi screen for melanotic suppressor genes. (A) Distribution of tumor indices for the 342 UAS-dsRNA lines retested with the three drivers (hmlΔ-Gal4, srp-Gal4, cg-Gal4). For each of the three driver lines, the candidates are classified by decreasing tumor index (% of larvae carrying at least one melanotic nodule). The dotted line indicates the 5% threshold that we used to select 96 candidates for secondary validations. (B) Example of melanotic mass mutant phenotypes recovered in the screen. Third instar larvae are shown with their corresponding genotypes. Small melanotic masses are indicated by an arrow. Note the dissociation of the fat body in the cg-Gal4; UAS-ds-hyx larva.

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