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Table 1 The effect of mating for folt-1 knockout hermaphrodites and males.

From: Knockout of the folate transporter folt-1 causes germline and somatic defects in C. elegans

Cross progeny production after mating
Hermaphrodite genotype Male genotype Male:Herm. Ratio Mean no. progeny SEM N
folt-1 N2 4:1 0 0.0 14
fer-1 folt-1; him-14 4:1 65.9 27.0 11
fer-1 folt-1; him-14 1:10 15.9 10.9 15
fer-1 him-14 1:10 49.8 12.6 15
  1. The him-14(it144)II mutation was used to obtain males with the folt-1(ok1460) knockout mutation. Unmated hermaphrodites that are him-14 mutants produce male progeny [59].