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Figure 5

From: Neuropeptidomic analysis of the embryonic Japanese quail diencephalon

Figure 5

Japanese quail secretogranins. (A) Overview of avian secretogranin-2 (based on chicken sequence XP_422624) showing its granin protein domain and the position and multiple sequence alignment to other species for two identified peptides: TNEIVEEQYTPQSL (Secretoneurin peptide) and SGKLSFLEDE. Bt is Bos taurus, Ss is Sus scrofa, Hs is Homo sapiens, Mm is Mus musculus, Gg is Gallus gallus, Xl is Xenopus leavis, and Dr is Danio rerio. (B) MS/MS fragmentation graph for SGKLSFLEDE in GPM browser. RI stands for relative intensity. C, Visualization of expression differences between the groups as calculated (Xclass-Xtot) for the hierarchical clustering in figure 1. The stars designate significance levels (*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01 and * p < 0.05) for the different factors in the model. a FDR adjusted p-value significance for F-test. Interaction effects were tested using Wald F-test. The last letters in the group definitions ed12/17XX stand for M = male, F = female, C = controls, E = ethinylestradiol exposed.

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