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Figure 4

From: Neuropeptidomic analysis of the embryonic Japanese quail diencephalon

Figure 4

Candidate diencephalon peptides sensitive to sex differences or EE 2 . Visualization of the differences of candidate peptides (NPK, CRMP-2, GnIH-RP2, and GRP) between all eight groups (ed12MC, ed12FC, ed12ME, ed12FE, ed17MC, ed17FC, ed17ME, ed17FE) as calculated (Xclass-Xtot) for the hierarchical clustering in figure 1. The stars designate significance levels (*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01 and * p < 0.05) for the different factors in the model. a FDR adjusted p-value significance for F-test. Interaction effects were tested using Wald F-test. The last letters in the group definitions ed12/17XX stand for M = male, F = female, C = controls, E = ethinylestradiol exposed.

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