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Figure 2

From: Neuropeptidomic analysis of the embryonic Japanese quail diencephalon

Figure 2

PLS/DA on age and EE 2 exposure using 204 quail peptides. (A) Three-dimensional score plot for all observations using the first three components (explaining ~75% of the data) in a model on age and EE2 exposure effects. The PLS/DA model uses the dummy variables DA1 (ed12C, red color), DA2 (ed12E, green color), DA3 (ed17C, blue color), and DA4 (ed17E, black color). In (B), the second and third components are combined in a score scatter plot, separating controls (red and blue triangles) from EE2 individuals (green and black boxes). The influence of identified peptides on the positioning of samples in the score scatter plot is seen in the loading scatter plot (C). The 38 identified peptides in the loading plot are listed in (D). Score/loading axes for DC2 and DC3 are designated t(2)/w*c(2) and t(3)/w*c(3) respectively. ed12/17C designates ed12/17 controls and ed12/17E designates ethinylestradiol exposed.

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