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Figure 4

From: Functional conservation between rodents and chicken of regulatory sequences driving skeletal muscle gene expression in transgenic chickens

Figure 4

Transgene expression is limited to skeletal muscle. Top: Protein samples from various tissues were analysed by ELISA for the presence of β-galactosidase. Each data point is the average of two independent assays on tissues from one transgenic bird for each line. Birds were a minimum of four months of age when assayed. Line 76 is not visible on the graph due to the low expression levels of this line.

Bottom: Sections from various tissues of the same birds were stained for β-galactosidase activity. A) Transgenic breast muscle. B) Transgenic leg muscle. C) Immunofluorescence of the endogenous MLC1 and 3 protein D) Control breast muscle. E) Transgenic atrium. F) Transgenic ventricle. Staining in skin appears to be in striated muscles associated with feather tracts. Scale bars, 0.5 mm.

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