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Figure 3

From: The chick somitogenesis oscillator is arrested before all paraxial mesoderm is segmented into somites

Figure 3

Components of the Notch-based somitogenesis oscillator are downregulated in the chick tail bud at HH stage 25. Lateral views of chick embryos of (A-B) HH stage 22, (C, E, K, M, O, Q) stage 24 and (D, F, L, N, P, R) stage 25, and (G-J) frontal views of chick embryos of HH stage 26 analysed by in situ hybridisation to show the expression of (A-D) c-Lfng, (E-J) c-Tbx6, (K, L) c-Meso1, (M, N) c-Nrarp, (O, P) c-Delta1 and (Q, R) c-Notch1. From HH stage 24 the expression of components of the somitogenesis oscillator becomes restricted to the rostral region of the PSM and then at HH stage 25 their expression is downregulated.

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