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Figure 9

From: Micro-computed tomography-based phenotypic approaches in embryology: procedural artifacts on assessments of embryonic craniofacial growth and development

Figure 9

μCT renderings and cell proliferation data from the same specimens. A, 3D reconstruction of μCT taken after processing but before sectioning shown in anterior and right lateral 3/4 views. B. i, ii Hoescht 33342 staining to visualize cell nuclei (blue) with cells in S-phase visualized using EdU + Alexa Fluor® 488 labeling (green) in frontal sections at the level of the maxillary prominence. B.i at 50× and B.ii and 200×. Small box in B.i. shows the region magnified below. C.ii, μCT rendering and same specimen (C.i) processed wholemount for anti-PHH3 primary antibody to identify M-phase cells shown in right lateral 3/4 view.

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