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Figure 7 | BMC Developmental Biology

Figure 7

From: Epithelial N-cadherin and nuclear β-catenin are up-regulated during early development of human lung

Figure 7

Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of E-cadherin (A), N-cadherin (B) and β-catenin (C). The RNA was isolated from paraffin embedded tissue samples of pseudoglandular (n = 3), canalicular (n = 8), saccular (n = 7) and alveolar (n = 3) periods and from adult lung (n = 5). The isolated RNA was reverse transcribed into cDNA before real-time PCR. The results were analysed against the GAPDH expression to give relative expression values and related to one adult lung sample. One asterisk represents the probability value below 0.05 and two asterisks values below 0.01 compared to healthy control group.

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