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Table 1 Transposon integration sites in transgenic lines depicted in Fig. 1.

From: Optogenetic in vivocell manipulation in KillerRed-expressing zebrafish transgenics

Insertion name Chromosome Integration locus or nearest gene
KR1 ND  
KR2 22 22,076 bp downstream of cirbp
KR4 16 151354 bp of CT027703.23
KR11 6 13,480 bp upstream of stk35lb
KR15* NAa,19b NAa 48 bp upstream of exon1 of pard6gbb
KR19* 8a, NAb 32,151 bp downstream of ENSDARG00000078279a NAb
  1. a and b represent two independent transposon insertion sites detected by TAIL-PCR.