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Figure 1

From: Optogenetic in vivocell manipulation in KillerRed-expressing zebrafish transgenics

Figure 1

Expression of the membrane-tethered KillerRed in some of enhancer trap transgenic lines. (A-B) The head of SqKR1, lateral view. (B) The magnified view of the eye. (C-D) The head of SqKR2, lateral view. Mem-KR is expressed in rhombomeres 3 and 5 (r3 and r5). (D) A magnified view of the box in C. (E-F) The head of SqKR4, dorsal view. mem-KR is expressed in the optic tectum (ot) and hypothalamus (hyp). (F) A magnified view of the box in E. (G-H) The head of SqKR11, dorsal view. The habenula (ha), optic tectum (ot), hindbrain (hb) is highlighted in this projection. (H) A magnified view of the box in G enclosing the habenula. (I-J) The head of SqKR15, lateral view. (J) A magnified view of the heart, ventral view. (K-L) The head of SqKR19, lateral view. (L) Expression of mem-KR in the choroid plexus (chp) of SqKR19, dorsal view. All scale bars correspond to 100 μm, unless otherwise stated.

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